Willie bus concept with transparent LCD screens/walls could be the future of public transportation [video]

„Willie” bus concept has a solution that will make any ad agency smile. Designed by Tad Orlowski, the Willie bus looks like any other conventional bus until the side elevations, which are made of transparent LCD screens are turned on. Then the bus turns into a huge screen.

This technology is not that new and is already in serial production in different parts of the world, but in smaller scale.

The transparent screen may function like a typical display unit, incorporating even touch control functions.

If it makes into production, the bus could be used as a mobile billboard displaying advertisements or film clips just at the right location or provide passengers with additional information and entertainment such as route plans, weather reports, press and TV coverage as well as tourist information presented at bus stops in an eye-catching way.

Obviously what is displayed should be selected carefully not to distract other drivers. We like the idea and are sure in some form we will see it soon in real life. Until then check out the video below.


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