Will Lewis Hamilton turn to E-Racing In The Future?

Lewis Hamilton is on course to become the greatest driver in the history of Formula One. The Brit has surpassed the legendary Michael Schumacher’s all-time wins record in the 2020 campaign and is poised to join the German with seven Drivers’ Championship titles at the end of the current term.

At the age of 35, time is on Hamilton’s side to surpass Schumacher on the all-time list of championships, especially given his recent dominance with Mercedes since his move to the team in 2013.

Schumacher last competed in Formula One when he was 43, even though his best days were long behind him. It will be interesting to see whether Hamilton follows suit and continues to race at the highest level, even if he is unable to compete for championships. There are plenty of avenues for him to wander down in life after Formula One.

Formula E

Electric racing is on the rise across the world of motorsport. As the globe shifts towards the use of electric cars over petrol and diesel – motorsport has followed suit. Taking significant strides to improve their vehicles, they are both more economical and interesting to watch around the track. Formula E has taken major steps forward to become recognised by the FIA to gain World Championship status for the 2020/21 campaign.

Teams are flocking to the sport, including Nissan who made their bow in the 2018/19 season. It has a global appeal, which has allowed the Chinese market to join its ranks. The DS vehicle orginates from China and has been hugely successful in the sport, winning the last three titles.

Hamilton has poured cold water on the notion that he would make the switch to Formula E from Formula One. However, it would be a major coup for the different code of the sport to land the most successful driver in the history of the Formula One Drivers’ Championship. Hamilton’s current team has its own Formula-E team and it may only take minor persuasion to convince the Brit to make the transition.

Given the current trend towards electric vehicles, teams may feel that the future of motor racing may lie in Formula E rather than Formula One. It could behove Mercedes, in the long run, to force the issue with the 35-year-old. Although, not while he remains a dominant force and the leading contender to win every race in the F1 calendar, including the Turkish Grand Prix. Hamilton could be the figurehead for a new era of the sport and a complete transition from Formula One to Formula E. Whether he could be convinced remains to be seen.


Hamilton has also branched out in the world of electric racing to create his own team. Extreme E is a brand of off-road racing, and the Brit has opted to pledge his support to the sport by entering a new team. The 35-year-old has created the X44 team, the number of his Mercedes F1 vehicle. The team will race in five locations, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Greenland, and Brazil, in electric sports utility vehicles.

The issue of climate change is one that is close to the heart of Hamilton, and the races will highlight the issues that the planet faces in the future. Hamilton has denied claims that he will become a participant in the races themselves. However, once he surpasses Schumacher the option to try it at least once might be appealing for the Brit.

His former Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg also has created a team to compete. The competitive juices of Hamilton could be fired up if Rosberg Extreme Racing is able to topple his X44 team. Rosberg has been the only driver to prevent Hamilton from winning the Drivers’ Championship since 2014, and the two will cross paths once again in a competitive environment to see who emerges on top.

Rosberg’s career path, since his retirement after his title win in 2016, could intrigue Hamilton. Both are not short of money due to their tenures in Formula One and their success in the sport. However, the German has become an entrepreneur in the world of green technology, developing cleaner forms of energy to help sustain the planet. These include ChargePoint, a system for charging electric cars that are available across the globe. Lilium, a form of air taxi that could one day challenge the monopoly of Uber, is another of his projects. He’s certainly ambitious, to say the least.

As Hamilton nears the end of his career at the top of Formula One, he has no shortage of options. It will be fascinating to see his next step – if he leaves the sport at all.


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