Westfield iRacer DIY electric race car kit priced at £13,999 [video]

Westfield has unveiled the iRacer, world’s first do-it-yourself electric race car kit that is available for £13,999.

The iRacer supports different powertrains, including electric motors, hybrid unit or conventional combustion engine.

For the £13,999 you get an aluminum frame, suspension, composite exterior panels and all the necessary ancillary to make it turn and stop. What the DIY kit is missing is the powertrain.

The electric version of the iRacer can be equipped with two YASA-750 electric motors with a combined power of 132bhp which drive the rear wheels. The 23 kWh battery pack is good for only about 25 minutes on the track, though we are sure it can be changed to a bigger one.

Despite having only 132 hp, the 771kg electric racer does 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 115mph. Without the limited, top speed climbs to 140mph.

via: wired


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