Watch the new smart fortwo vs Mercedes S-Class crash test

When smart unveiled the new fortwo and forfour last week it clearly stated that the new models are much safer, riding on a completely different platform, shared with the Renault Twingo.

The new models feature a substructure containing ultra-high strength, hot-formed steel and maximum-strength, multiphase steel, along with larger crumple zones. In theory the new model should be quite safe, but that probably does not convince some people, but how about an actual video.

What if you crash a tiny fortwo into a a much bigger Mercedes S-Class or other larger and heavier vehicle?

To prove how safe the new fortwo is, the tiny city car was crashed against the much bigger S-Class, that weighs more than twice as much.

Hit play to see the head-on collision, where the tiny fortwo goes against a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.


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