Watch Tesla Model S lap the Nürburgring in around 10 minutes [on-board video]

Last week Toyota “proudly” announced that the Prius plug-in hybrid lapped the 12.9 mile Nürburgring course in 20 minutes and 59 seconds, returning an average fuel economy of 698mpg as it used very little fuel and was mostly using the electric power.

That publicity stunt sounded really horrible and we wanted to see how all-electric Tesla Model S would do it.

And here it is with professional racing driver Robb Holland piloting a stock standard Tesla Model S around the Nürburgring with a time around ten minutes.

Robb was asked to drive the hot lap by Nissan GT-R tuner Iain Litchfield and the whole lap was in a heavy traffic, while the car was also in a reduced power mode for around three minutes, due to battery overheating.

According to Robb, the Model S could do it in less than nine minutes and the hot Performance version would be even quicker.


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