Watch Nissan Leaf Autonomous Drive in action

Last month Nissan Leaf with Autonomous Drive was approved for road testing in Japan and here we have the first video footage showing the all electric Leaf demonstrating the Autonomous Drive technology.

Five cameras and five laser scanners are the all-seeing eyes of the vehicle, identifying signs and markers on the road, what to avoid, and in what direction to advance.

Toru Futami, Expert Leader for Nissan’s IT & ITS Development department, said this technology is much more complex than the driverless, automated valet park function that Nissan exhibited at CEATEC last year.

“There are not only other cars on the road, but also people and bicycles,” said Futami. “Children might run after a ball rolling into the street. In these kinds of complex scenarios, there are many things that you need to be aware of. You also need to anticipate how the cars and people around you will move. Only when you can effectively do both, can you be sure you’re driving safely.”

Nissan plans to have autonomous cars in production by 2020 so there will be lot of testing ahead.


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