Watch Chris Harris drive Ferrari F40 and F50 like no one else before

Chris Harris is one of the best automotive journalists and we really love his videos.

As you already know he is not allowed to drive Ferrari press cars, because couple of years ago he wrote a detailed article on how Maranello sets up its cars to perform better for press drives. Shame on you Ferrari!

That of course has not stopped him driving Ferrari cars. Obviously Ferrari is not giving him keys to their press cars, but there are thankfully kind Ferrar owners who are glad to share their cars with Chris.

Recently Chris was offered to drive the iconic F40 supercar and its successor, the F50. The owner wanted him to drive these anniversary edition models like he drives all the cars in his videos. Chris asked are you sure and the owner said I would be disappointed if you don’t..

Sit back, relax and hit play to see what Chris describes as one of the best days of his life.


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