Watch BMW M4 race through one-of-a-kind course constructed from current and classic BMW M vehicles

The new BMW M4 has been on the market for some time in Europe and the firs sporty coupe recently made it also to U.S. where it was welcomed into the BMW M family in a quite unique way, by having skilled drivers navigating it through a thrilling, one-of-a kind course created entirely out of current and classic BMW M vehicles sourced from fans.

With 52 total cars, 4 race cars and 11,566 horsepower, the most unique fan sourced car was an ultra-rare BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

What precision drivers Matt Mullins, Chief Driving Instructor, BMW Performance Driving School and Chris Forsberg, Formula Drift Champion, are doing is quite extreme and something no one with great skills should do with other cars around.

Hit play to see the 425bhp M4 go through the specially-designed course that formed the shape of a BMW M Series logo.


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