Volvo C30 EV Tested in Extreme Cold [VIDEO]

The problem with electric cars is that in very low temperatures lot of energy from the battery will go into heating the cabin. Volvo is taking a different approach with their C30 Electric, that they recently tested in temperatures as low as -20° Celsius.

The C30 Electric can be heated via a bio-ethanol powered heater fitted in all cars, without compromising the battery driving range. It is also possible to run the climate unit on electricity from the batteries- in this case, an immersion heater warms up the coolant in the climate unit.

“We must ensure that the C30 Electric performs as intended when driving, parking and charging in a variety of conditions, from normal to very cold or hot. Northern Sweden is the perfect place to do sub-zero temperature testing,” says Lennart Stegland, director of Volvo Cars’ Special Vehicles.


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