Video: Tesla Model S Alpha Hits The Road

Tesla’s all-electric Model S is expected to enter production in 2012 if all goes as planned. Before Model S enters production it will complete two vehicle testing phases, Alpha and Beta. The Alpha phase began in 2010 and here we have video footage showing the Model S on the road. The Alphas will be tested extensively in the coming months in all climates before the Beta phase begins.

While test driving the first Alpha, Tesla Vehicle Dynamicist Graham Sutherland commented: “The first Alpha is amazingly agile for a car of its size. It has great handling balance and poised ride with communicative steering. Just goes to show what combining a low center of gravity with a very stiff body structure can achieve.”

The Model S will hit 60mph in 5.5 seconds and has top speed of 120mph. Three different battery packs will be offered with ranges of 160 miles, 230 miles and 300 miles.

Prices in U.S will start at $57,400 before tax breaks so we expect the entry-level model to cost less than £40,000 in UK when sales start sometimes in 2012.


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