Toyota and Lexus global sales for hybrids top five million units

Since the first Toyota hybrid went on sale in Japan in 1997, together with Lexus the TMC has sold more than five million hybrid vehicles globally.

In 1997 total sales for hybrids were just 3000 units, in 2003 53.2k units were sold of which more than half were delivered in Japan. You could say that 2005 was a breaking year as 234.9k hybrids were sold, of which 176.4k were sold outside of Japan.

Last year more than 1.2 million hybrids were sold, almost double the number sold in 2011. Japan still is the main market for hybrids as last year over half of all the TMC hybrid models were sold there.

Currently in UK the Toyota and Lexus hybrid range includes nine full hybrids and 18 new hybrids models will be launched around the world by the end of 2015, including Toyota’s first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

According to Toyota its hybrid vehicles have contributed to around 34 million tonnes less CO2 entering the atmosphere, compared to the impact of the same number of petrol-powered vehicles of similar size and performance. It is estimated that 1.2 billion litres of petrol have been saved.


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