Top 10 Best small cars

The last 20 years saw an increase in the size and capacity of sedans. They grew so big that it became a competition, and the classification of the SUVs into mid-size, crossovers and full sized tanks did not help matters.

However, people have realized the benefit of small cars and are going back to those ones that are just for efficiency and utility. The small cars may present more danger when there are accidents, may not run as smoothly as the bigger ones, may have lesser space and horsepower, but they come with lots of advantages.

Advantages of Small Cars

The small cars are very fuel efficient and most of them require very low maintenance to keep running.

Their 4 cylinder engines will not require constant belt change and many other problems. With the small cars, you will be guaranteed amazing maneuverability.

Get through small spaces, pass through small streets, avoid the downtown traffic and parallel park them inside very small spaces.

They come to you at very cheap prices because less materials and less fuel are used to manufacture them, and they could be disposed easily.

They are also an excellent option for the ecosystem. This is because they emit less carbon into the atmosphere due to their fuel efficiency.

They are very popular, so reselling them will be very easy for you.

Best Small Cars at the Present Time

Honda Jazz

This is actually one of the best cars from the stable of Honda. It is one that did a lot to mitigate the chasm between the MPVs and the small cars. The amount space it offers even in its small nature is commendable. It is a practical vehicle that offers amazing utility and reliability, and will outlast your predictions for it. The 1.3 i-VTEC SE of the Jazz will be the best for you.

Audi A1

The Audi A1 is the classiest, because of the interior that it comes with. Of course, everyone likes to feel very comfortable, and this car gives it in abundance.  The drive is very smooth and enjoyable, and there are many ranges of engines one can choose from. The best pick is the 1.4 TFSI 125 Sport with five doors and a very spacious back for in two adults.

Suzuki Baleno

This car last sold more than 15 years back in the UK, but it was no so outstanding. However, the new one is simply something to try out. It comes with 5 doors and a showroom space a bit larger than what you will have in the swift. There are two engine preferences, and they are the 1.2-litre mild hybrid and the 1.0-litre turbocharged Booster Jet petrol engine.  The petrol engine gives amazing performance and the economy is out of this world. With seven-inch sat-nav screen, 16-inch alloys, Bluetooth, full electric windows and led lights at the tail, you will enjoy it. It is also very cheap.

Skoda Citigo

This is another great small car. It stands above everything that the more popular cars pride themselves with. It gives perfect out of town performance. Easily controlled and with a nimble feel. The low running and maintenance costs, three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine and the green tech feature will wow you. With the 74bhp version, you will have all you need. Both the three door and the five door versions come with enough practicality. Just park it in a 3,563mm by 1,645mm rectangle space and you are off. The back can also contain two full grown adults.

Nissan Note

You don’t need the f1 Canadian grand prix info  to know that Nissan is one of the leading names in the small car angle. When you are looking for something extremely practical, you should come to them, and the best at the moment is the Note. The car is a hash-back that is very spacious, and one that offers amazing utility. The usability is perfect, and you will enjoy an amazing flexibility from the back seats and the boot. They come with alloy wheels, air-con, and electric windows.


Volkswagen Polo

All the things you will consider when picking a small car are met by this. The interior is very classy and it looks very smart and elegant on the outside. With different engine capacities and trims that come at different prices, you will always have one that fits your budget. The 1.2-litre petrol option which is highly efficient in all angles will be just fine for you.

Skoda Fabia

When this one came out, it won the award for the car of the year. The car comes with top notch materials, and the build is out of this world. One other thing is that while it is very cheap to purchase, it is also very cheap to maintain and use. The 1.2 TSI 90 SE which is recommended to you averaged 60mpg in official tests. It is simply cheap, and practical.

Seat Ibiza

This is another great small car. This comes with huge technical advancement. The cabin of the car is very spacious and it comes with five doors. The cabin room is enough for adults and luggage. It comes with powerful and very practical engines, but the turbocharged petrol engine is the best.

Citroen C4 Cactus

This brings back the quirky individual styling of the brand that was somehow lost. The bubble wrap side panels, the creative interior design makes this edition outstanding. The interior is well built. It has a very rugged look, and the fuel economy is amazing. There are diesel and petrol engines. But the 108 bhp three-cylinder petrol engine is recommended.



The third generation Mini is more refined and bigger in size than the old ones. The turbocharged engine is great, and there is a five door model too.  This comes with more practicality on all angles. The new interior is retro in nature, making it look classy with air-con, Bluetooth and dab radio.


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