Today's diesel cars saving motorists in average £360 per year compared to ten years ago

Even though there has not been a real revolutionary breakthrough in the way our cars are powered, except electric cars, the modern day combustion engine features high tech technological innovations that over hundred years ago were hard to imagine.

We don’t actually have to go that far to compare the evolution of the engine.

Today’s diesel cars are much cleaner and more efficient than they were just ten years ago, thanks to advanced components, such as common-rail diesel and Start-Stop.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ New Car CO2 Report, new diesel cars sold in the UK are 21 percent less polluting and 27 percent more economical than they were in 2003.

With today’s fuel prices and if diesel cars were as fuel-efficient as they were ten years ago, the average annual fuel bill for 12,000 miles of driving would be £1,690 rather than the £1,330 it is today. Basically an average motorist is saving around £360 per year. If you drive more than that the difference is even bigger.

There is also a big impact on the environment with modern less polluting diesel cars reducing UK’s CO2 emissions by more than 750,000 tonnes per year.


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