This is what it looks like when you are going 65mph and a Corvette ZR1 passes you at 200mph

Going 65mph is a decent speed on the motorway, but doing 200mph is a totally different thing.

The video below gives you a good perspective and overview how does it look like when you are doing your on business and staying in the legal speed limit going 65-70mph and then a tuned Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 passes you going 200mph.

That’s pretty insane how fast it all happens. The video was shot in Mexico and it looks like it is an open motorway not a closed runway, so it clearly was not very smart thing to do. Just imagine what it would look like if the Vette had lost control.

… and according to the guy who posted the video, the car is currently in the shop for more upgrades. Hopefully next time, he takes it to the track or a closed runway to test his top speed.


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