This is the new World's Largest Dump Truck [video]

Belarusian company Belaz has unveiled its new dump truck, which it claims to be the biggest in the world.

The Belaz 75710 is bigger than an average house, riding in eight huge tyres, at least twice the height of an average size person.

The payload is an impressive 450 metric tons and the dump truck will be used in open mines on temporary roads.

Power comes from two 2,300bhp 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines with a combined power of 4,600bhp. Combined torque is 13,738 lb-feet!

Top speed is 40mph, which is plenty for a truck of that size.

Belaz’s chief designer for mining vehicles, Leonid Trukhnov, says the company will be submitting documents to claim a Guinness World Record.


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