This is how you drift a 200-Ton Caterpillar 789 mining truck [video]

With enough power you can probably drift any vehicle, but obviously the most suitable are lightweight, rear-wheel drive and manual transmission vehicles with no electronic controls that do their best to keep you straight on the road.

Of course you can even drift a 560 hp Audi RS 6 Avant with quattro all-wheel drive, but this is not the same as going sideways in a rear-wheel drive manual Toyota Supra for example.

How about drifting something much bigger? A huge Caterpillar 789 mining truck with a 78-litre V16 diesel engine producing 2000 horsepower and a 200 ton payload capacity.

Data protection first EMC has put together a short promo video with the help of Mike Ryan Motorpsorts to stage an epic Gymkhana with 200 tons of power-sliding heavy metal.


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