This is heartwarming! Daughter surprises stepdad with Porsche 914 [video]

What does it take to be a good father? There is no simple formula, but I believe it is all about kindness, love, patience, sacrifice, learning and creating a supportive community for independence. It is also all about learning about yourself and getting to know your childhood and patterns that have shaped you to a man you are.

To be a father to a stepdaughter is probably even harder.

Looks like Kristin had an awesome stepdad as she bought him the car he gave up so many years ago, so he could marry the love of his life.

The white 1973 Porsche 914 is just like the one Dave had to give up so many years ago. He had the money to restore it, but decided to spend it on the wedding instead. Later the car was sold and to thank Dave for everything, Kristin found an identical 914. Click play to see the rest.


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