The Weekly Wrap: February 7-13, 2011 - Next Porsche 911 On Video, Geneva Previews And Much More!

Another week has passed with plenty of spy photos from our photographers in Sweden and Germany, plus more and more news related to the Geneva Motor Show that is open to the general public between 3-13 March.

This week’s most popular post was from Monday, when we showed you a video of the next-generation Porsche 911. In less than a week it has received well over 20k views! Not bad!

This week’s stories:


This is Porsche 911's Alter Ego from the past, the rally winning 953
Arnold Schwarzenegger buys a tank, wants you to crush things with him
Ariel unveils new Ace motorcycle with a 173bhp Honda-sourced engine
Mid-engine Porsche 988 with a 600bhp quad-turbo flat-eight engine rumoured to arrive in 2017
Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series revealed, limited to 100 units
Mercedes G 500 4x4² concept is a near series show car
New Jaguar XF all-wheel drive now available in UK
New Citroen C3 revealed a highly customizable character
TVR to unveil new car at Goodwood revival in September
Audi PB18 e-tron concept debuts at Pebble Beach
Customising a Luxurious Car: Give It the Unique Touch of Personalisation
Safe Driving Tips for Winter