The record-breaking run of the I.D. R Pikes Peak from a helicopter perspective (VIDEO)

Just 250 days had passed between the announcement of the Pikes Peak project on 18 October 2017 and the record-breaking run on Pikes Peak. The unique demands on the drivetrain technology, batteries and aerodynamics make the I.D. R Pikes Peak an extremely ambitious project. This only adds to the significance of the new record set by Volkswagen’s electric racing car, which as the sporty forerunner to the I.D. family – the range of fully-electric production vehicles that Volkswagen plans to launch from 2020 onwards – is sending out a powerful message with regard to electromobility.

To assist you with your continued coverage, we are pleased to be able to provide a video, which shows Dumas’ full record-breaking, eight-minute run in the I.D. R Pikes Peak from a helicopter perspective for the first time:


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