The phenomenon of the world’s number plates business

Something that you may not know is that a license plate can be personalized. If you are a lover of the world of tuning, perhaps you are more focused on all these issues. But if not, it is not a practice that is usually talked about too much. However, it is so. Those who have a special weakness for cars often pay to be able to put a plate that they like.

Personalized plate: Is this possible?

The first thing you have to be clear about in order to understand the customization of license plates is that there are countries whose legislation allows it. Here you must settle for the numbering and letters that correspond to you. However, in the UK, for example, you can personalize your nameplate as long as it doesn’t already exist. You can buy your number plates online here

On the other hand, there are other countries where the license plate does not identify the vehicle but the driver. Therefore, each time the driver chooses to drive another car, he must change the license plate. Without a doubt, this is a very interesting solution to identify those drivers who break the traffic rules more quickly and easily.

License plate auctions, a hobby for many

Such is the desire to get certain plates that in the United Kingdom there is a portal where people can auction and buy the registration numbers that they most want. Actually, this business thrives on the handicap that no two license plates can be the same. So in many cases there are people who want to have a specific number or combination that is already registered.

Thus, the only option left to them would be to buy it from whoever has it in their possession.

But … why want a complete number?

Answering this question is a real odyssey. Ultimately, there is no reason always behind people’s wishes. Or at least not a logical or plausible reason.

Many times it is due to superstitions or because it is a mythical license plate for having belonged to a car that has been on television or in a movie. Or simply because you like a number or combination and you want to have it on your license plate.

In the same way, it can be an interesting way to commemorate an important date or the initials of a family member, partner or friend. It can simply be taken as a somewhat special and personalized decoration for which some come to pay a lot but a lot of money.

Therefore, this would be a personal preference without more. Perhaps for you it is difficult to understand it because in our country it is not allowed, but for those who have seen it throughout their lives it is not something at all crazy.

License plates, a luxury item

The second aspect of this whole world of car plates that you should take into account is that it has become a market that not everyone can access. In this way, there are highly valued numbers and combinations that reach such high prices that you could hardly have imagined.

Wealth symbol

As we have already mentioned, there are countries where each person is identified by their registration. Well, there are countries where the one you have and the price you have paid for it are symbols of wealth.

Just as in our culture, having a good car or having expensive jewelry determines social status, because in other countries the license plate of the car is another factor that determines it.

Thus, in the Persian Gulf, the digits on a car’s license plate are a symbol of the wealth of its owners. The same happens in Abu Dhabi where it is suspected that they are the owners of 37 of the 50 most expensive and desired plates in the world.

Similarly, in China it is also a product priced by the richest and in Australia there is also one of the most expensive that says “Facebk”. Specifically, this was sold for one million two hundred thousand dollars. A real madness, but totally true.


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