The Car That Eats Dictators For Breakfast!

We have brought you different spy photos of future vehicles, but this is clearly something different. This 8×8 ASV (Armored Security Vehicle) wearing a Michigan Manufacturer plate was roaming on U.S. public roads.

According to the photographer, this 8×8 ASV prototype is from the Cadillac Gage company, that makes the V-series Commando vehicles. The V-100 and the V-150 are used by militaries and SWAT teams all over the world.

We have no idea what’s powering this beast, but whatever it is, it definitely has the power to go through almost anything and on any terrain.

Reportedly this new massive 8×8 will be the replacement for the aging V-series fleet and when it enters the service, will be fitted with machine guns, grenade launchers and missile systems!


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