The Best Upcoming Motor Racing Video Games in 2020

For some, a racing game isn’t complete without a circuit centered on all-weather roads. For others, racing means Formula One Cars, especially those graced by real-life racing heroes. Luckily for you, this article reviews various racing games, more so, the most anticipated games in 2020

Circuit Superstars

Although Circuit Super Stars is the creation of an independent developer, it will be published with the help of Square Enix Collective. The Indie developer in question is Original Fire Games, a startup comprising of six gaming fans.

Their upcoming game will combine some elements of arcade while emphasizing the simulation aspect of driving. The game will feature simplistic visuals, but the developers promise top-notch tracks and excellent gameplay.

Once out, you could play the game on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Critics are dubbing it the ‘Forza’ of light machines. That means it could it might not require demanding graphics but will still be an incredible game.

 F1 2020

The F1 franchise has been one of the best racing games in the past couple of years. The 2019 edition, in particular, received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both critics and players. Its rapid growth as an eSports game also means it’s headed in the right direction.

For the uninitiated, eSports is the sport that deals with competitive video gaming. It’s an established sport worth $1.1 billion. In fact, it’s so popular that you can bet on gaming events at some of the world’s best betting sites.

Learn more about eSports betting and the best online bookies for major sports at You could receive huge bonuses at some of the betting sites, sometimes even before you make your first deposit. 

Back to F1, the upcoming sequel of the racing game will be released at an unspecified date. However, developers Code Masters could also pull the same move they did last year, releasing the game at a surprise date.

 So, what can you expect from F1 2020? If last year’s edition is any indication of what to expect, the upcoming F1 2020 game will be outstanding. The 2019 version had almost no flaws in gameplay. Its graphics were incredible and the mechanics beautiful.

Need for Speed Heat

Released November 1st last year, there’s a chance you’ve already tried the latest edition of the NFS series. Heat doesn’t add much to what avid Need for Speed fans are used to. But it has new maps, a wider game variety, and significantly improved graphics.

At its core, Heat’s storyline is also impressive. You race as a rookie debuting in the streets of Palm City. But in the franchise’s true spirit, there are police cars in nearly every corner. As such, you must be truly fast and excellent at evading officials to complete races.

Of course, the cat and mouse races against police are what make NFS thrilling. In Heat, you also race civilians during the night. In the day, races are fewer but against professionals. Nonetheless, it’s an engaging game worth its $50 list price.

Fast & Furious Crossroads

The Fast & Furious franchise is nearing the end of its road. But before Vin Diesel and cast release the last sequel, they are leaving fans with yet another video game centered on street racing. The new title will be developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco.

 The game will come out later in May. But first, here’s what it will include: Tyrese Gibson will partner with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez as the leading racers. They will have an extensive list of cars to toy with: the Dodge Charger, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Ford Mustang, and a Chevrolet Camaro, to name a few.

With Slightly Mad Studios in charge, we expect nothing short of an outstanding game. The developers brought us Need for Speed: Shift and Project Cars. Both of these games were commercial hits, received incredibly well by both critics and fans.

Gran Turismo on PS5

When Sony launches a new Play Station in the summer, it will feature a familiar title: Gran Turismo 7. The original game is rumored to support 4K and 8K video resolution. It could also function with Sony’s PSVR 2, its virtual reality device.

Considering it be amongst the first games on PS5, developers Polyphony Digital have no option other than to create an exceedingly stunning game. They’ve never disappointed with their earlier titles. But the advent of the PS5 has everyone hoping it will feature graphically superior games.

Of course, good-looking vehicles won’t be the only thing people want to see in the game. Excellent mechanics seamlessly controls, and top-quality tracks are features everyone hopes the developers will get right.

Project Cars 3

Slightly Mad Studios have two huge projects coming out later this year. It’s already confirmed the release date for Crossroads. It’s also confirmed it’s working on Project Cars 3, but CEO Ian Bell won’t confirm when the new game will be released.

In an interview dating back to November, Bell also suggested Project Cars 3 will be 200% better than the earlier edition. It’s a confident statement, one he also reiterated on Twitter

But how great will the game be? No one’s pushing Bell and his team to release the title hastily. As such, they have all the time in the world to release an incredible game.

TT Isle of Man 2

Fans of motorbike racing games are looking forward to a big title this year: TT Isle of Man 2. The specific release date isn’t out, but developer Kylotonn Racing has already confirmed it’s on course to finish the title.

What’s more, the developer says there will be nine new circuits, all of them fictional. Of course, there are more real-life circuits. But just in case the existing channels aren’t enough, you’ll have more places to race.

The last edition of the game came out a couple of years ago. It was an immersive game with decent graphics and above-average gameplay. Against that backdrop, Kylotonn Racing doesn’t have to make a lot of improvements. A few tweaks in mechanics and better graphics will be enough for Isle of Man 2 fans to embrace it. 



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