Tesla Motors Sues Top Gear Over False Claims

Back in 2008, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Tesla Roadster electric sports car, where the car(according to the show) managed to travel only 55 miles on the track, even though Tesla says the range is 211 miles on a single charge.

Tesla says they have attempted to contact the BBC many times over the last two years about the lies in the Top Gear show, as there have been no feedback they have taken it to the court.

In a 13 page brief filed with Britain’s High Court, Tesla Motors contends that the review was full of false and libelous statements. Tesla says they provided two cars to the program and neither of them suffered any mechanical difficulties despite the “staged” breakdowns shown in the episode.

You probably remember that one of the cars “broke down” and had to be pushed by hand back to the garage, which Tesla says never really happened.

There’s even a dedicated web site for all the complaints that you can see at: www.teslavstopgear.com

We all know that Top Gear can’t be taken too seriously and most of what you see there is clearly “staged” for entertainment purposes. We’ll see soon what the court decides, but until then take a look a the clip in question below.


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