• Nokian Tyres introduces world's first non-studded winter tyre with deployable studs [video]

    Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres has revealed the world's first non-studded winter tyre with studs as part of the 80th anniversary of the winter tyre. This revolutionary concept tyre with unique stud technology gives a hint of the things to come in the future. Basically… Continue reading »

  • Front-wheel drive with winter tyres vs. all-wheel drive with summer tyres [video]

    The winter is showing its first signs and if you leave in an area that gets some snow and ice it is wise to change your tyres. There are many drivers who own an all-wheel drive vehicle and believe this is it to keep them… Continue reading »

  • Hankook introduces i-Flex airless wheel and tyre

    Hankook is showing a futuristic tyre/wheel design called i-Flex at the Frankfurt International Auto Show. The Hankook i-Flex is an airless wheel and tyre, all in one. With 95 percent of its construction being recyclable, the Hankook i-Flex is made from polyurethane synthetics, with the… Continue reading »

  • Winter Tyres - Plan for Next Winter

    As the winter season in the UK draws to a close its time to remember what we had to deal with this winter and how we can be better prepared next winter. The heavy snow that came in November and December again showed that UK… Continue reading »

  • How To Wear Out Car Tyres - Tips You Should Not Follow!

    Looking after your car tyres also keeps you safe and legal; being neither can be very costly in more than the financial sense. The following hints and tips show you the ways in which you can wear your tyres out prematurely, or damage them irreparably.… Continue reading »

  • Toyota's Winter Tyre Trial

    Some say winter tyres are big softies. This isn't entirely untrue, as winter tyres have a rubber compound formulated to maintain performance at low temperatures, so braking and active safety systems, like traction control, are not compromised. In some countries, Germany for example, they are… Continue reading »