• Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 is all about autonomous driving [VIDEO]

    Self-driving cars are a major idea automakers are trying to solve. Some of the production cars already part themselves and can drive on the road with very little driver input. Big trucks are no exception and here is Mercedes-Benz with their Future Truck 2025 concept,… Continue reading »

  • Self-driving Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 concept revealed [video]

    All big automakers are working on autonomous driving tech and some of them are even promising fully self-driving vehicles by 2020. Daimler Trucks is the latest to present their truck of the future – the self-driving Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025, featuring an intelligent Highway Pilot… Continue reading »

  • This is how you drift a 200-Ton Caterpillar 789 mining truck [video]

    With enough power you can probably drift any vehicle, but obviously the most suitable are lightweight, rear-wheel drive and manual transmission vehicles with no electronic controls that do their best to keep you straight on the road. Of course you can even drift a 560… Continue reading »

  • Canadian Tire builds a drivable truck from ice [videos]

    Canadian Tire has created a truck made of ice to promote their MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra AGM battery, which will work at 40 degrees below freezing point. The Ice Truck was built on a Chevrolet truck chassis and 4,990kg of ice were used to craft the… Continue reading »

  • This is the new World's Largest Dump Truck [video]

    Belarusian company Belaz has unveiled its new dump truck, which it claims to be the biggest in the world. The Belaz 75710 is bigger than an average house, riding in eight huge tyres, at least twice the height of an average size person. The payload… Continue reading »

  • Motorcyclist Has a Near Miss as Lorry Overturns in China [video]

    A motorcycle rider in China can now celebrate his birthday twice a year. While waiting for a green traffic light in eastern China, a lorry truck overturned at an intersection, nearly crushing the motorcycist. The accident happened in the city of Linhai, in Zhejiang Province… Continue reading »