• MINI Citysurfer scooter concept is one cool compact electric scooter

    MINI does not have any new four wheel models to show at the Los Angeles Auto Show, so the company has brought there a very cool concept called MINI Citysurfer Concept, which combines the agile riding properties of a kick scooter with an electric drive… Continue reading »

  • Yamaha unveils a funky 01GEN three wheeler "on & off crossover" concept

    Yamaha clearly likes three wheel motorcycles and scooters. This here is the 01GEN, what the company calls a new multi-wheel "on & off crossover" concept vehicle inspired by the design philosophy of Refined Dynamism. The "on & off" clearly means it is suitable for different… Continue reading »

  • Toyota i-ROAD starts public trials in Tokyo

    Toyota i-Road concept was first shown to the public last year at the Geneva Motor Show. The futuristic electric three-wheeled "personal mobility vehicle" has now started first public trials in Tokyo, to find out how it drives and can be used in real-world urban driving.… Continue reading »

  • e-motive Launches ‘Ride Green’ Scrappage Scheme For Electric Scooters

    e-motive is to pilot ‘Ride Green’ program for motor bikes and scooters, its own version of the Government’s highly successful scrappage scheme for cars. If you own a motor cycle or scooter with a current MOT you can part exchange it and receive a £500… Continue reading »