• 1600 horsepower highly modified Jeep/Buggy drives 305metres on water - new world record

    Formula Offroad is quite popular in Scandinavia and it looks like one of the coolest racing sports in the world. Racers use highly modified Jeeps with 800+ horsepower and they drive them on various locations from cliffs to water. Icelandic Formula Offroad driver Gudbjørn Grimsson… Continue reading »

  • Ghe-O Rescue is an ultimate emergency vehicle from Romania [video]

    The car industry in Romania is not very big and interesting. The biggest domestic manufacturer is Dacia, while Ford also has a plant in Romania and Bosch recently opened a facility to produce electronic components for automobiles. Romanians have also built this interesting emergency vehicle… Continue reading »

  • Rage Comet R: on and off-road supercar in action

    XCAR recently spend some quality time with a car named Comet R that can tear up any landscape at speed. Yes you heard it, it feels just as good on the race track as on the desert landscapes. The Comet R (R2000RT) packs 200 horsepower… Continue reading »