• Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser for Santa

    Lexus has unveiled a Flying Luxury Cruiser for Santa, based on the LF-LC Concept. The Flying Luxury Cruiser (LFLC) features a advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system with 800 reindeerpower which creates fewer emissions than even a single reindeer. It also has an EV mode to… Continue reading »

  • Novel Christmas Present Ideas No.1: A Gift-Wrapped Chevrolet Spark

    Fancy hearing some Christmas facts you didn't know that you didn't know? Thought you might! As a nation, we Brits will spend (on average) 117.5 million hours and £1.65 billion wrapping Christmas presents. Over a lifetime, this adds up to 6.3 days and £2,123 spent… Continue reading »

  • Top Gear Three Wise Men Christmas Special Trailer

    Top Gear trio will be entertaining you later this month with a special episode called "The Three Wise Man Christmas Special". It all starts with an American road trip, that involves some exotic cars like Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Ferrari 458… Continue reading »