autonomous system

  • Toyota develops new pedestrian safety technology with steer assist

    Every major automaker is making steps towards autonomous vehicles and the first steps are as a rule of thumb semi-autonomous systems for both safety and convenience. Toyota has developed a Pre-collision System (PCS) that uses automatic steering in addition to increased pre-collision braking force and… Continue reading »

  • Mercedes S500 Intelligent Drive prototype drives autonomously in the tracks of Bertha Benz

    Mercedes has released a video and details about their new S500 Intelligent Drive autonomous research vehicle. The S500 Intelligent Drive prototype features a host of sensors including a stereo camera, a colour camera (to monitor traffic lights), environmental camera that picks up pre-mapped reference points… Continue reading »

  • Nissan announces autonomous car production by 2020

    Autonomous cars are soon no longer just in sci-fi movies. Google has been testing self driving cars for a while now and every major automaker is looking into it. Nissan is no exception and has announced it will be ready with commercially-viable Autonomous Drive in… Continue reading »

  • Volvo's Autonomous Traffic Jam Assistance in Action [VIDEO]

    Volvo's new traffic jam assistace function technology automatically follows the vehicle in front in slow-moving queues up to 30mph, will be ready for production in 2014. "This technology makes driving more relaxed in the kind of monotonous queuing that is a less attractive part of… Continue reading »