Subaru BRZ Convertible AWD Twin-Turbo Diesel Hybrid confirmed for 2015

Subaru of America has confirmed it will launch an AWD Twin-Turbo Convertible two-seater Diesel Hybrid BRZ for sale in 2015.

According to Subaru, the new model takes all of the media and internet rumours surrounding the BRZ sports car and delivers them in one package.

A spokesman for the company said: “Having just launched the current model to widespread critical acclaim, we are tired of fighting off the constant speculation about what’s “next” and so we are just giving in and delivering all the speculation in one vehicle.”

The new model will not come with a much anticipated rear back-up camera as after shoehorning two convertible switches (up and down) onto the fascia there just wasn’t room for any more instruments.

The BRZ Convertible with AWD Twin-Turbo Diesel Hybrid powertrain will come in a single noseeum black colour and will be hand built at Subaru’s Brigadoon facility.

Happy April 1!


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