Samsung 'Safety Truck' concept uses a front camera and four rear displays to prevent collisions

We have all been behind a big truck or a bus on a two-lane road, trying to find the perfect moment for passing. It is very hard to see if there is traffic coming your way or not and overtaking is one of the biggest causes of accidents on such roads.

Samsung has an answer to this problem with a technology called “Safety Truck” which uses a front camera and four rear monitors to help cars know if it is safe to pass.

The system features a wireless camera on the truck’s front grille, sending video feed to four displays on the rear of the truck.

The system works both during the daytime and also in the dark, showing you the same view that the truck driver sees.

Samsung has already tested the system in Argentina, where traffic accidents are among the highest in the world, with most of these accidents occurring on two-lane roads and particularly in situations of overtaking.

Of course the technology could distract drivers behind the truck, but it clearly has potential to make our roads safer. The technology is there and we can safely assume that different automakers are seriously looking into it to make roads safer.


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