RUF Developing Various Electric Vehicles Based On The Porsche 911

eRUF Concept

eRUF ConceptPorsche announced earlier this week, that they are launching field tests with electric Boxster. Looks like Porsche isn’t the only one electrifying their vehicles.

Small scale automobile manufacturer RUF is also developing various electric-powered sports vehicles based on the Porsche 911 for the purpose of running field tests of electric vehicles in real life situations.

The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment. The first eRUF vehicles, manufactured in cooperation with Siemens AG, will be presented to the public this spring.

Three different concepts based on the Porsche 911 are in works, including a single motor concept with a 241bhp
electric motor, and a lithium-ion batteries with an energy capacity of 29 kWh. Driving range is approximately 94 miles, 0-62 mph comes in about 7 seconds, and the maximum speed is about 136 mph.

The second model is a twin motor concept with a 2-speed automatic gearbox and a limited slip differential. Two transversely mounted Siemens synchronous electric motors produce 335bhp. The liquid cooled and heated lithium ion battery has a capacity of 36,6 kWh. Driving range is approximately 124 miles, and 62 mph comes in about 5 seconds.

The third model uses the same electric motors and batteries as the second one, but has two separate gearboxes for independent rear wheel drive.


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