Porsche considering an all electric vehicle

Back in 2011, Porsche launched three purely electric-powered Boxster prototypes, that were described as “mobile laboratories” for large-scale tests that will help Porsche gather feedback about electric cars, user behaviour and their practicality.

One of the Boxster E prototypes used two electric motors for a combined power output of 214bhp. The other to were rear-wheel drive only models with a power output of 121bhp. The range was approximately 107 miles from a 29kWh battery pack.

We haven’t heard anything about Porsche’s EV project in a long time, but it looks like the company still likes the idea, as CEO Matthias Müller told Auto Motor und Sport the company is considering an electric vehicle.

Müller also added he isn’t a fan of range-extended electric vehicles but he is open to pure electric models, but the range needs to be at least 186 miles to make the vehicle practical.

This might sound crazy to Porsche fans, but lets not forget the first car Ferdinand Porsche created was an EV back in 1898.

Pictured above is the Boxster E prototype.


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