• Power Games: Engine Tuning Explained (Part Two)

    Having examined how an engine works in basic terms in Part One of this post, we can now think about how to make one work better. The first part of this deals with maximizing the efficiency of the engine's various parts. The second part looks… Continue reading »

  • Power Games: Engine Tuning Explained (Part One)

    Modern technology means there is a variety of ways in which a car engine can be induced to yield maximum power. Many of the techniques require the use of modern equipment and the application of highly technical knowledge. However, understanding at a basic level what… Continue reading »

  • Fire Rescue Teen's Reward, From Ferrari and Noel

    There's no doubt that 16-year-old Tyler Hopkin is a very brave youngster. Not only is he a GCSE student and carer to his mother, grandmother, younger brother and twin sisters, he's a life saver. When a neighbour's fuse box overheated, starting a fire, Tyler was… Continue reading »

  • Closing the Gender Gap Among Drivers

    ‘Who’s in the Driving Seat?’, a new study of gender differences from the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), has found that women and men aren’t so different when it comes to driving behaviours and attitudes. Most of the 520 men and 480 women surveyed enjoy… Continue reading »

  • Explosive Plastic: GRP Car Bodies Make History

    It's gone by a variety of names over the years but name notwithstanding, the materials we are about to discuss are all essentially the same. Some call it fibreglass, the Americans call it fiberglass, others go the whole hog and call it glass reinforced plastic… Continue reading »

  • All-Electric and Affordable? The £397 Per Month Nissan Leaf

    Nissan is pushing the boat out price wise by making its all-electric LEAF available on a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) scheme for £397 per month. In this, Nissan will also underwrite the residual value of the vehicle. These factors alone make for a tempting deal… Continue reading »

  • Starting Out? Try a SEAT Young Driver Session

    Finding a last-minute Christmas gift can be tricky, particularly if the recipient is a teenager. But a voucher for the successful SEAT Young Driver training programme could be an ideal choice. SEAT Young Driver, sponsored by Admiral Multicar, was established a little over a year… Continue reading »

  • New Lancia Stratos hits 62 mph in 3.3 seconds

    New Lancia Stratos is commissioned by car collector and racing enthusiast Michael Stoscheck, who runs German auto parts supplier Brose. New Lancia Stratos is designed by Jason Castriota(now the design director at Saab) and built by Pininfarina. Underneath he carbon fibre body is a shortened… Continue reading »

  • Video: Porsche Classic - Because it's All About the Car

    Today over 70 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road. That's an impressive number and the team of Porsche Classic ensures that this will still be the case in the future. The video below shows us Porsche Classic workshop and… Continue reading »

  • Smart Thinking: Charity Car Calendar

    Smart has been thinking inside the box with its new Christmas gift that will keep on giving. How so? Well, Smart has its own social website, at www.destinationsmart.co.uk Someone bright at Smart thought that it'd be good if this site's members were to submit evocative… Continue reading »

  • New Young Driver Joins United Autosports’ 2011 FIA GT3 Euro Campaign

    Young British Sportscar prospect Joe Osborne has been snapped up by the Anglo-American United Autosports Team for a full FIA GT3 European Championship campaign next year. Now just 21, Osborne cut his racing teeth during sporadic outings in British GT4 and FIA GT3 Euro this… Continue reading »

  • Pistons and Pads: Developments In Automotive Brake Systems

    Who said, "I cannot change the laws of physics!"? Yes, it was Montgomery Scott, the actor who played Scotty in the original 'Star Trek'. And he was right, you can't change the laws of physics. Another unchangeable law is the first law of thermodynamics, which… Continue reading »

  • Porsche Returning to Detroit Auto Show with 'Spectacular' Supercar

    After a four year break, Porsche is making a return to Detroit Auto Show next month with a new concept car. In an interview to Bloomberg, Porsche spokesperson Hans-Gerd Bode said: "We’ll have something spectacular to show there, You’ll have to wait and be surprised.”… Continue reading »

  • Frame-Up: Chassis Construction In Detail

    Few would argue about a car's needing a strong structure. Many, on the other hand, aren't totally sure about chassis construction. So here, a run through how car chassis have developed over the years, and how they now work, will enlighten many. In the good… Continue reading »

  • New Chief at MINI Design

    It seems that New Year's honours aren't only in the remit of the British Royal Family. At the end of this year, the running of the MINI design team is to be handed over to Anders Warming, the Head of Exterior Design at BMW Automobiles.… Continue reading »