• Porsche Returning to Detroit Auto Show with 'Spectacular' Supercar

    After a four year break, Porsche is making a return to Detroit Auto Show next month with a new concept car. In an interview to Bloomberg, Porsche spokesperson Hans-Gerd Bode said: "We’ll have something spectacular to show there, You’ll have to wait and be surprised.”… Continue reading »

  • Frame-Up: Chassis Construction In Detail

    Few would argue about a car's needing a strong structure. Many, on the other hand, aren't totally sure about chassis construction. So here, a run through how car chassis have developed over the years, and how they now work, will enlighten many. In the good… Continue reading »

  • New Chief at MINI Design

    It seems that New Year's honours aren't only in the remit of the British Royal Family. At the end of this year, the running of the MINI design team is to be handed over to Anders Warming, the Head of Exterior Design at BMW Automobiles.… Continue reading »

  • BMW 5 Series Wins 2011 iF Product Design Award

    The new BMW 5 Series models, the Sedan and Touring, now have still more in common with one another– both have won the coveted International Forum award for outstanding product design. The two models concerned had already scooped the 2011 Design Award of the Federal… Continue reading »

  • Here's your chance to drive a Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    The 911 GT2 RS is the fastest and most powerful road legal sports car ever built in the history of Porsche. Only 500 units will be built, and each one is already spoken for. The list price for this ultimate 911 was £164,107! The 911… Continue reading »

  • Restoring Europe's First Dragster

    The father of British drag racing, Sydney Allard and his 1961 Allard Chrysler dragster, drawn by Stuart Taylor. (One of a series of limited edition prints available from www.allardchrysler.org) Drag racing has come a long way since its beginnings in the USA during the late… Continue reading »

  • Ferrari 458 Challenge Debuts at 2010 Bologna Motor Show

    At this week's Bologna Motor Show, Ferrari has unveiled the 458 Challenge. at its stand that also showcases past automaker's racing heritage. The newest piece of that history takes the form of the Ferrari 458 Challenge, which is finally making its world debut. Ferrari has… Continue reading »

  • 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK Accidentally Revealed (Video)

    An official French promo video of the all-new third-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster was accidentally uploaded on YouTube and quickly taken down again. But not fast enough as we managed to download the close to 10 minute video, which we have now embedded below. The French… Continue reading »

  • New from Land Rover: Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition Announced

    Land Rover officially launched the new Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition yesterday, at the Bologna Motor Show. A unique addition to the Freelander 2 range, the SD4 Sport has dynamic styling inside and out. The 4x4 is available in three colours; Fuji White and… Continue reading »

  • The Truth Behind The Bullitt Car Chase

    The car chase in the 1968 movie 'Bullitt' took three weeks to film and lasted nine minutes and 42 seconds on screen. Forty-two years on, it still stands as the iconic movie chase of all time; others have tried to better it but as yet,… Continue reading »

  • Back for The Future: Save Your Spine when Driving

    Do you drive for long periods of time? If you do, you're in danger. Of course, danger is relative in the context of driving but you are in similar danger from sitting in your office chair all day long. The danger here is to your… Continue reading »

  • Susie Stoddart drives the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 (Video)

    Susie Stoddart from Scotland, started her motorsport career in karting, then moved to Formula Renault and Formula 3, in 2006 she moved to DTM to compete for Mercedes-Benz. 2010 is her fifth season in the DTM. In the DTM series she drives a C-Class and… Continue reading »

  • Get The Drift? Understeer and Oversteer Explained

    'Understeer' and 'oversteer' are bandied around when car enthusiasts talk to one another. As is often the case with such terms, they can be used wrongly, largely because enthusiasm can outshine knowledge. But understeer and oversteer aren't too difficult to understand. Both these terms have… Continue reading »

  • Toyota Prius: The Road To Customer Satisfaction

    It isn't dangerous and doesn't mean a recall but Toyota has discovered that, on some Priuses, the hybrid electric water pump can cause a loss of power. When this happens, the coolant temperature is too high and the Malfunction Indicator Light will illuminate. Second generation… Continue reading »

  • Mazda3 Receives New Year Present

    Mazda's popular lower medium sector car is going to receive a New Year gift. And it isn't selfish so it'll pass the benefits on, to owners. From January 2001, the Mazda3 will be available with a Euro5-compliant, 1.6-litre diesel engine. This will give the model… Continue reading »