• The Truth Behind The Bullitt Car Chase

    The car chase in the 1968 movie 'Bullitt' took three weeks to film and lasted nine minutes and 42 seconds on screen. Forty-two years on, it still stands as the iconic movie chase of all time; others have tried to better it but as yet,… Continue reading »

  • Back for The Future: Save Your Spine when Driving

    Do you drive for long periods of time? If you do, you're in danger. Of course, danger is relative in the context of driving but you are in similar danger from sitting in your office chair all day long. The danger here is to your… Continue reading »

  • Susie Stoddart drives the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 (Video)

    Susie Stoddart from Scotland, started her motorsport career in karting, then moved to Formula Renault and Formula 3, in 2006 she moved to DTM to compete for Mercedes-Benz. 2010 is her fifth season in the DTM. In the DTM series she drives a C-Class and… Continue reading »

  • Get The Drift? Understeer and Oversteer Explained

    'Understeer' and 'oversteer' are bandied around when car enthusiasts talk to one another. As is often the case with such terms, they can be used wrongly, largely because enthusiasm can outshine knowledge. But understeer and oversteer aren't too difficult to understand. Both these terms have… Continue reading »

  • Toyota Prius: The Road To Customer Satisfaction

    It isn't dangerous and doesn't mean a recall but Toyota has discovered that, on some Priuses, the hybrid electric water pump can cause a loss of power. When this happens, the coolant temperature is too high and the Malfunction Indicator Light will illuminate. Second generation… Continue reading »

  • Mazda3 Receives New Year Present

    Mazda's popular lower medium sector car is going to receive a New Year gift. And it isn't selfish so it'll pass the benefits on, to owners. From January 2001, the Mazda3 will be available with a Euro5-compliant, 1.6-litre diesel engine. This will give the model… Continue reading »

  • Audi's futuristic e-den charging station at Design Miami

    Audi e-den charging station was unveiled yesterday at Design Miami together with a red e-tron Spyder. The e-den charging station is inspired by American petrol stations from the 1950s with plenty of chrome, glass and an old petrol pump encased in glass like a museum… Continue reading »

  • Positive Outcomes Recruit 33 Vauxhall Corsa Hatchbacks

    National recruitment and training organisation, Positive Outcomes, has taken delivery of 33 new highly efficient Vauxhall Corsa hatchbacks in its latest step to maximise staff support and client service. The total order is made up of 30 low-emission 1.3CDTi ecoFLEX five-door hatchbacks with Start/Stop, and… Continue reading »

  • Charge! Toyota advances ECO-Car Development

    Toyota is to start European road trials of an electric-powered version of its iQ City Car from next year, according to a progress report on its product and technology strategies for low-carbon vehicles. iQ EV will hit the USA in 2012, but Toyota is looking… Continue reading »

  • Scottish Car of the Year Judges' Best Luxury Car: Jaguar XJ

    According to the judges of Scottish Car of the Year awards, the Jaguar XJ is Scotland's 2010 'Best Luxury Car’. The XJ, tested by motoring experts from the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers (ASMW), beat the BMW 5 Series GT and the new Audi A8… Continue reading »

  • New Audi A6 revealed, prices start at £30,145

    Audi has released details and pictures of the all-new A6, saloon that is set to make its market debut in early 2011. New A6 is 4.92 metres long, 1.87 metres wide, and just 1.46 metres high making it shorter, lower, wider and with a longer… Continue reading »

  • Rinspeed BamBoo previewed ahead of Geneva debut

    Swiss design house Rinspeed has released first details about a new concept called BamBoo, that is set to make its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show next March. So what is BamBoo? In Rinspeed words: Nomen est omen - the name says it… Continue reading »

  • The Price Of Selfishness: Uninsured Drivers Cost Us All Dear

    Not long ago, the AA revealed that in the uk, insurance premiums increased by a record 40 per cent, year-on-year. This prompted the Department of Transport to hold a 'short enquiry' about this issue. While the outcome of this has yet to emerge, it isn't… Continue reading »

  • Snow Joke: How To Get A Grip On Winter Driving

    Driving in adverse conditions is as much about technique as preparation. Here, with a little help from the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), are some pointers. IAM Chief Examiner Peter Rodger says, “Avoid travelling unless completely necessary, and don’t ignore police warnings or advice to… Continue reading »

  • Class Act: The Bentley Continental GT

    Don't be misled by the name: Bentley's roots may go back a long way but this doesn't stop its output from being as up-to-date as any rival's. Take the Bentley Continental GT, for example. Resplendently named after its illustrious predecessors, it nevertheless doesn't rest on… Continue reading »