Over-engineered? This is how you refill washer fluid in the new Renault Twingo [video]

The new Renault Twingo looks great, taking inspiration from the original Twingo, the Renault 5 and mainly from last year’s Twin’Run Concept. What makes it quite different from other compact city cars is the fact, that the engine is at the rear and it is a rear wheel drive car. Just like the small European cars form the 60s.

Well it turns out the location of the engine and rear-wheel drive configuration are not that unique at all if you move to the front of the car and try to open the bonnet, to refill washer fluid.

The video below from Autoforum.cz shows us that this is one of the weirdest bonnet openings ever. The host sarcastically says the design is to keep owners from getting dirty, but as you can see it takes a while to reach the washer fluid cap and then it is a real brainer to close the bonnet. I know people who are having hard time opening a more standard bonnet, but this?


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