Over 23,000 Speeding Tickets Handed Out in North Yorkshire

Motorist in North Yorkshire, UK, should be alarmed at the number of speeding tickets given out in the last 3 years, with over 23,000 tickets been dispatched by the North Yorkshire Police Force.

In 2008/09, 8933 tickets were given to motorists 2009/10 saw 7911 tickets dispatched, whilst last year, we saw the number of tickets dropping again to 6355.

This sees in total 23,199 tickets given out by the North Yorkshire Police force. But the big question is: How many contested the fines?
Nowadays you can contact a speeding lawyer to help you avoid 3 points a fine or whatever the penalty. The fixed penalty for a fine is £60 and with 23,199 tickets be given out, it is a nice revenue stream for the force.

North Yorkshire Police’s Head of Strategic Roads said: “We use a dual approach of enforcement and education to ensure that people are driving within the law.“On the enforcement side of things, we take a hard-line approach to motorists putting their own and other people’s lives at risk, which helps to deter other drivers from speeding and driving recklessly.

“We also take a different approach by trying to educate drivers and help them to understand the devastating consequences that speeding can have. We use the Speed Awareness Referral Scheme, a nationally recognised court intervention, as an alternative to points or speeding tickets and this has shown effective reductions in reoffending.”

The general public stated: “It’s only an average of 21/day over three years – Not a great amount when you think how many cars are on the road in N.Yorks.”

Source : Keep Me Driving Image: Flickr/Lee Haywood


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