Our Top 5 Car Themed Slot Games

It was 1979. I was nine years old. My younger brother and I were tossing a ball in the lane in front of our house when my dad’s friend pulled up in a brand new Corvette Stingray. I had never seen anything like it; at least not this close up.

After my dad came out and drooled over the car a bit, his friend asked if it would be ok to take me for a ride around the block. Buckled into the passenger seat, it was right then and there that my love affair with fast cars was born.

My dad’s friend pressed the gas pedal. My head hit the seat behind me, as the 195hp engine launched us down the residential street, zero to sixty in about seven seconds. It was a life changing experience for this nine year old boy; a far different experience than cruising around in my mother’s wood-paneled Buick station wagon.

From that point on I reasoned that if driving could be that fast and that much fun, why not do it that way all the time?

Many years (and many speeding tickets) have come and gone since that day. My love for fast cars has never faded.

When it comes to playing online slots, I still gravitate towards my first true love. Cars, cars, cars! If you are a car enthusiast, here is a list of five online slots that you have got to try.

1) 5 Reel Drive

A game with ever-growing popularity, Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive takes you on a road trip with a an excellent array of payout options. If the excellent graphics don’t keep you spinning, the progressive jackpots will.

Unlike in “real life,” being chased by the police in “Reel Drive” is something you hope to see, as Police Cars are scatter symbols, increasing your chances at free play. 5 Reel Drive also has  progressive jackpots, enabling you to win big. It is a game enjoyed by high lowers and more conservative players, alike.

2) Turbo GT

Living up to its name, Turbo GT is fast; an 11-line slot game that will keep your heart racing as you spin the wheel to win. Players can customize the number of lines they wish to play. Lots of opportunities for free spins and awesome sound effects really make this game stand out from the pack.

There is no wild symbol in this game, which can be a disappointment to some players, but there are plenty of other upsides to keep this game on our top 5 list.

3) Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

With 15-paylines and five reels, mayhem is the best way to describe this awesome game. The pace is a bit slower than some other car-themed video slots, but NetEnt has made up for that by developing some of the coolest graphics and loaded the game with high quality music. It is a really classy game that lives up to the hype.

4) Racing for Pinks

Award-winning game designer, Microgaming, is well known for high payouts, enabling you to keep on spinning. Racing for Pinks is a clean-lined game designed for the game player who is looking for a big payout, with a massive jackpot of 6000.00!

The graphics of this game are top-notch. The music and sound effects could be better, but they definitely do not detract from the fun and playability of the game.

5) Supe It Up

This one might be going a little “old school,” as Supe it Up is one of Microgaming’s original online slots, but it continues to be a fan favourite. Playing this game is like stepping back a few years and watching some of your old retro cartoons from the 70’s or 80’s. It is a blast.

Supe It Up features 25 paylines on 5 reels with an RTP of over 95%.

Now that I am all grown up, I get to sit in the driver’s seat of fast cars. It is a passion that I can trace all the way back to that summer day in 1979.

It might not always be practical to race around the streets of my city or town, getting my adrenaline fix. Nor is it always possible to meet my entertainment needs by traveling to Las Vegas orMonte Carlo. But I’ve found new ways to get my thrills, any time of day or night, without having to leave the comfort of my home.

Online casinos are providing an increasingly popular way to relax and find entertainment with all kinds of games to choose from and themes to meet a variety of personal preferences.

Even those of us whose interests are centred around fast cars can find some games that speak the language we love. If you haven’t already you should set up an account today to give the wheel a spin. Who knows? Maybe you could even win a big pile of cash you can use to buy one of those fast cars you dream about!



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