Nissan GT-R Marketing Campaign In Germany Goes After Porsche 911 Owners [VIDEO]

Nissan GT-R is an impressive car and the automaker and its fans very often call it the Porsche 911 killer. In Germany the GT-R clearly is not as popular as the 911, which is not surprising. The 911 has a long history, it has a loyal fan base and it is made in Germany!

To win over Porsche owners, Nissan has launched a very aggressive campaign in Germany. The agency responsible for the campaign placed removable decals to the front windshield of 911’s. When the driver got into the car, he was “greeted” with the GT-R taillights and an information about test driving the GT-R.

The agency claims that the test drive requests were up 23 percent after a two-week campaign. Not bad, but how many decided to buy the GT-R?

If someone placed a GT-R(or any other) decal on my windshield, I would be pissed!


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