New Audi A8 high-tech Matrix LED headlight teased

Audi has released more details about the new A8 facelift that will take place online next Wednesday, August 21.

The new A8 gets an advanced turn signal light that is a component of the Audi Matrix LED headlight. The turn signal light consists of lighting elements that illuminate in a defined sequence and are visually much clearer, even at long distances and poor visibility, making it much easier for others to perceive the driver’s turning intentions, thus having the potential to significantly enhance traffic safety.

The Audi Matrix LED headlights each have 25 light-emitting diodes generating a highly variable high-beam light. Each of the enhanced headlights contains 18 light-emitting diodes arranged in a strip that is subdivided into seven blocks.

These high-tech headlights also consider other vehicles ahead and mask the relevant sections of the high-beam by dimming or shutting off individual diodes.

The tail lights also get a new design and contain 24 LEDs in eight segments.

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