Movie stunt shoot goes terribly wrong, film crew nearly gets wiped out by a car [video]

Today more and more stunts/tricks are done as CGI with no real life action, but there are still plenty of stunts that are done in real life with real people.

The video below is from a mystery movie, that looks to be shot in China as we can hear plenty of mandarin and also unaccented English. What happens here is a classic example of a stunt gone wrong due to some wrong planning and other unknown factors.

The stunt car clearly does not land the way it was planned and almost wipes out some of the bystanders. Details are limited, but it looks like no one outside the car was hurt and most likely the driver was also ok as stunt cars are quite well prepared for the worst. Some of the bystanders are very lucky to be alive as the car came very close to some of them.


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