Most stolen cars in the UK in 2016

There was a time when criminals could steal your vehicle using simple items although those times are over thanks to advanced car security systems, this doesn’t mean your car is completely safe. Statistics show that in 2016 the number of cars stolen increased by 10% in the UK. As vehicles become more advanced, thieves also started using the vehicles’ built-in security systems, such as hacking their onboard security systems and cloning keys which allow them to drive away with your vehicle.

According to the statistics the BMW X5 is the most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2016; top 10 most stolen cars list is dominated by BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes. There are new models in the list, that have been manufactured by these companies in the last year, such as; Land Rover Defender and Mercedes E Class. The compiled list of top 10 most stolen models in 2016 are listed as below.

  1. BMW X5

BMW’s large SUV x5 is one of the first road-focused 4x4s. It has a powerful engine and the X5 offers the qualities that prestige SUV buyers demand. The X5 has become the most stolen car in the UK for 6 years in a row.


2015 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport is one of the most comfortable SUVs in the automobile market, which is the reason it’s a magnet for car thieves.

  1. BMW – M3

BMW M3 30 Jahre 6

M3 has a twin turbocharged engines that produce 430 hp that gets it from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It’s a desirable car nonetheless.


Mercedes C-Class Coupe

SUVs are without a doubt the most popular vehicle for thieves but saloons are not left far behind on the list.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class L

Mercedes’ rival to the BMW 5 series is an elegant and classy vehicle, that’s why it’s one of the most stolen vehicles.

  1. BMW – 3 SERIES

2013 Land Rover Defender

West Yorkshire Police recently reported a huge rise in the number of Defender thefts, with 540 vehicles stolen between 2012 and 2016. Of these, only 140 were recovered, with most of them either exported overseas or stripped for valuable parts.!


As you can see upper-class German cars and Britain’s Range Rover took eight spots in the top 10 stolen models in 2016. The most expensive car stolen and recovered was a Mercedes AMG worth over £120,000, while in total more than £11 millions worth of vehicles were recovered. January was the busiest month for thieves as hundreds of cars were stolen in this month alone.

On a side note, a sizable amount of the vehicles stolen were recovered with the help of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking APPs. While criminals aim to steal average and affordable cars, they still target popular brands like Ford, VW, BMW and Range Rover on a larger scale. More than 25% of all the vehicles recovered with the help of GPS trackers are usually worth less than £5000. The number of vehicles being recovered and returned to the police increased significantly with the help of GPS tracking solutions.


6 Crucial Car Security Tips:

  1. Conceal the car keys: Criminals used the owner’s car keys for most of the thefts occurred in the last year. For this reason keeping your car keys somewhere safe is very important so don’t forget to conceal them in your house, don’t leave them in the line of sight or visible from outside.
  2. Vehicle GPS Tracker: In the event of a theft a GPS vehicle trackers will help you relocate and recover your vehicle safely and quickly. GPS trackers provide real-time location of your vehicle and offer remote immobilisation and sound alarms. A GPS tracking platform can also be used to remotely block car’s ignition, which makes the car stop or decelerate it.
  3. Lock your doors while you are driving: Carjackers might try to enter your vehicle while it’s on the move, to prevent this don’t forget to lock the doors even if you are in the car or as you drive.
  4. CCTV: A CCTV system in your garage or driveway will also help you prevent criminals from stealing your vehicle.
  5. Steering Wheel Lock: Even though steering wheel locks are old technology, they are still solid deterrents to stop criminals as it takes a decent amount of time to remove them if they can remove it at all.
  6. Lock Your Car: While people are busy with real life issues like shopping and kids, they can easily forget to lock their doors and that’s what criminals check first these days.

Records show that Essex is the hottest spot where the thefts occur in the United Kingdom, followed by West Midlands. Security experts say that recent increase in thefts of vehicles with built-in security systems such as keyless car entry and ignition systems are being exploited by the criminals using laptops and other electronic devices. Although with the improvement of vehicle tracking devices and tracking software, the number of vehicles located and recovered is on the rise. Location and telematics data provided by GPS tracking platforms and APPs makes it easier for officials to find the criminals and recover the vehicles faster.


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