Meet the inventor of the BMW 3 Series Touring [VIDEO]

The current BMW 3 Series range includes a saloon, estate, GT, coupe and cabriolet. The next-generation coupe and cabrio will be called 4 Series and will be joined also by a gran coupe, just like the 6 Series has one.

In the mid 1980s the 3 Series model range was quite different. There were actually just two variants: 3 Series Saloon and Coupe. No Touring and no Convertible.

During that time a BMW engineer Max Reisbock had some trouble fitting his whole family into his four door 3 Series and did something different, instead of buying a bigger car. He found a wrecked 3 Series saloon and turned it into the first 3 Series Touring ever built.

When BMW executives found out about it, they loved it and soon the first production 3 Series rolled off the production line. Check out this interesting story below.


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