McLaren P1 lapping the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi [onbord video]

McLaren P1 is to our understanding the best supercar currently in production. All 375 cars are already sold with first customers already driving their vehicles.

Jay Leno was the first to drive one outside of McLaren and recently Autocar spent some quality time with it.

Recently two factory McLaren P1s made a trip to the Formula 1 Yas Marina track in Abu Dhabi to meet 12C owners and give everyone inerested a very memorable ride.

Shmee150 was also there with his camera and he gives us a very good idea what it feels like to sit on the passenger seat, when McLaren driver, Tim Mullen is at the wheel flying around the South Circuit.

Hit play to see the onboard video from a £866,000 hypercar for two laps around the Yas Marina circuit.


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