Man builds McLaren F1 supercar replica in his shed [video]

is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. Today used F1’s sell for millions of pounds and very rarely change owners. Some of the most notable owners include Rowan Atkinson, Ralph Lauren and Jay Leno. The Sultan of Brunei reportedly owns 8 F1s. In total little over 100 cars were built between 1992-1998.

A Polish man named Jacek Mazur also wanted the F1, but buying one was not financially possible so he decided to build his own.

It took him eight years and this is not your typical Ferrari kind of replica that has a fibreglass body on top of another car. This replica has a tubular space-frame, BMW-sourced V12 in the back, fibreglass body and even the driver’s seat is in the middle.

Of course it is not the real thing and you can see differences, but when in motion it looks quite real and shows great skill.

It cost Jacek roughly £20,000 and he says it can do 200mph. Take a look at the video below to see the building process and the end result on the road.


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