Lamborghini Gallardo Destroyed In China To Protest Bad Service [VIDEO]

smashed Lamborghini Gallardo

smashed Lamborghini GallardoIf you are a huge fan of Lamborghini, then stop reading right now and click here, rest of you may continue.

Long story short! A Chinese man purchased a Lamborghini Gallardo six months ago and in November the engine failed to start. He contacted the local Lambo dealer to have it taken in for the service. When his Gallardo was returned, it still had the same problem, plus the chassis and bumper had been damaged. Of course local Lamborghini denied it all.

As local dealer did nit solve the problem, the man turned to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann – that did not solve the problem either and he decided to destroy the car in public with sledgehammers on World Consumer Rights Day.

The owner of the Lamborghini commented that luxury brands are exploiting China and not delivering the same quality and service as they do elsewhere in the world. Let’s face it, such service problems happen anywhere, but it seems to be the first time an upset supercar owner decides to destroy the car.

Source: China Car Times


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