Koenigsegg launches "Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program"

Certified pre-owned programs are a safe bet when buying a newer used vehicle – you will be getting a well-maintained, newer vehicle with some warranty. There are more and more automakers offering the option.

Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg is the latest to join the party with their “Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program”.

Earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg celebrated a milestone in the company’s history. Ten years and 100 cars and now a program designed and structured to offer warranty and a level of service close to what is offered on a new Koenigsegg vehicle.

According to Koenigsegg they recognized the need to introduce a pre owned program to facilitate a healthy second hand market for their vehicles, and give buyers of pre owned cars peace of mind to enjoy their car to its fullest.

For a vehicle to be eligible for the “Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program” it needs to undergo an arduous inspection process as well as be updated and refurbished according to criteria’s set by Koeningsegg Automotive AB.


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