Keeping Your Car Safe And Secure: Changes You Could Implement

A car can be a costly but worthwhile investment that you will make at some point in your life. That’s why it will be all the more important that you work to keep it safe and secure. Of course, you could do this in small steps, such as double-checking that you’ve locked your car when leaving it, as well as other things that will be explained below.

Remember Where You Park

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who lose their car purely because they don’t remember where they park. It may be that they parked in a city centre street for a weekend, and forget whereabouts by the time Sunday arrives. Consider taking notes or using an app to remember where you are, or pinning it on your map.

Keep Valuables Away

If at all possible, consider not keeping valuables in your car. Whilst some people will advise you to keep them under a blanket out of sight, that may even entice thieves to break in, as they may see that something is being hidden. That’s why you should take as many things as you can out of the car, to prevent any issues.

Implement Paint Protection Film

If you didn’t know what paint protection film is, it is essentially a type of polyurethane film that acts almost like additional skin to your vehicle. The main purpose of this film is to help protect your car from any scratches or chips. It can do a lot more than just protect from scratches, however, as it can also protect against mineral deposits, as well as UV exposure.

There are a few different forms of PPF, available through a few different service providers. You and your car need to work with an organisation that knows what they’re doing. Adept Wrapping offer paint protection film that comes in a few different packages, from entry-level to full car coverage. They’ll work with you to measure your car to get the exact requirements needed and fit your car in the right way. Not only that, but they’ll clean your car in a controlled and dust-free environment.

Tint The Windows

Whilst many people think that tinting the windows is purely an aesthetic thing that is done to improve the look of a car, it can do much more for safety. For example, some people struggle to drive when it’s too bright out, which can lead to crashes when they can’t see what’s in front of them on the road.

If you tint your windows, to a legal amount, then this will make it slightly dimmer for you, and not hurt your eyes as much when you drive. This is another way in which you can help make your car safer during driving for yourself. It also adds an extra layer of privacy for you, which also helps.

Purchase A Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock was something popular back in the 90s, so you can be forgiven for not fully understanding what they are these days. You may have seen them in parked cars across the country, with a mechanical device being locked across the steering wheel, preventing people from driving the car at all.

This is mainly used as a deterrent, as if it does its job, it should never be attempted to drive with. If a thief is patrolling a street and comes across a few cars, they will be put off by the one that looks harder to take control of. This can help keep your car secure and prevent anyone from damaging the windows or door to get in.

Fit A Dashcam

In the last few years, the popularity of dashcams has increased. You can have a dashcam that is either obvious to see or one that is hidden. Much like how a steering wheel lock works, the main purpose of a visible dash cam is to prevent intruders from breaking in.

However, it also has extra purposes. For example, the dashcam will record anything that could be of interest, such as recording a potential thief or capturing footage of someone who hit your car and drove off.

Dashcams can prevent you from coming to harm in dangerous situations too, as people won’t want to be seen near one. Consider looking into a few different versions, including ones that can link to your smartphone, so that you can see what’s happening with your car when you’re away from it.

Be Wary When Selling The Car

It’s unlikely that you’ll have the same car for your entire life. At some point, you may be looking to sell your car, either for an upgrade, or just because you don’t need it anymore. When it comes to selling your car, you should be wary of doing it alone, as you may attract people who will come to steal your car. Be hesitant when they ask to test drive your car, as this could be an easy way for them to steal.


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