Johnnie Walker smashes a virtual F1 car made of 1,750 glasses [video]

Johnnie Walker is one of the sponsors of the McLaren F1 car and during the Brazilian Grand Prix, launched a new campaign against drunk driving.

The 90-second clip imagines a race car made of 1,750 glasses – very fragile and easily shattered. The glass car symbolises the importance of always making the right choices and staying in control.

If you need to be reminded about the fragility of human life, just watch a Formula 1 race car made entirely of JOHNNIE WALKER whisky glasses shattering into a million pieces, says Carolyn Panzer, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Diageo, makers of the world’s No. 1 Blended Scotch Whisky.

The CGI version of the McLaren F1 car is said to be accurate down to 3 millimetres and it was filmed at 300 frames per second that took over a week to render and produced over 100 gigabytes of data in itself.

Hard to tell is the campaign effective or not, but it surely is well done and worth watching.


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